Corporate Solutions

As compliance challenges and regulatory demands evolve, we ensure you remain compliant and focused on your business. Our holistic approach addresses your specific regulatory needs, with local experts regarding each jurisdiction.

Corporate Secretary

GPSGG can assist with corporate secretarial services for our clients by providing guidance and support in complying with legal and regulatory requirements, managing corporate governance and compliance matters, maintaining statutory records and registers, preparing and filing corporate documents, and providing timely and accurate reporting to our clients. Our expertise in corporate secretarial services can help our clients navigate the complex and ever-changing legal and regulatory landscape, while ensuring that their operations run smoothly and efficiently.


Enhance your corporate governance with our Directorship and Corporate Secretary services. We appoint experienced directors to ensure compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, liaise with authorities, review financial statements, attend board meetings, manage stakeholder interactions, and review essential documentation. Secure your business's future with our expert support.

Offshore incorporation

Offshore Incorporation Services: 

Offshore Bank Account Setup: 

Comprehensive Compliance Guidance:

 Strategic Business Expansion: 

Tax Advisor

GPSGG can serve as your tax advisor by providing guidance and support in navigating the complex tax landscape, identifying potential tax liabilities and opportunities for tax savings, ensuring compliance with tax laws and regulations, preparing and filing tax returns, and providing ongoing tax planning and advisory services. Our expertise in tax matters can help you minimise your tax liability and optimise your tax strategy, while also ensuring that you remain in compliance with all applicable tax laws and regulations. Our personalised service and proactive approach to tax planning can help you achieve your financial goals and objectives while minimising tax-related risks.

Global compliance services

Global Compliance Solutions specializes in a wide range of compliance services to navigate the complexities of international financial regulations. Key offerings include managing FATCA & CRS Reporting through comprehensive registration, classification, and liaison with tax authorities, ensuring compliance with the 30% withholding tax on non-participating FFIs, and thorough reporting on all relevant accounts.

Beyond FATCA & CRS Reporting, we provide services such as external/fund manager licensing and meticulous due diligence for investments and transactions, ensuring regulatory compliance and risk mitigation. Our multifaceted approach empowers clients to operate confidently and with integrity in the global financial landscape.

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