About Us

Welcome to Gifted Professional Services, where we combine cutting-edge innovation, exceptional talent, and unwavering trust to deliver unparalleled fund administration solutions.  As a leading fund administrator, our team is dedicated to providing innovative and seamless services that cater to the unique needs of our clients across the globe.

Our Value

Highly skilled and experienced employees, with backgrounds in law, banking, and accountancy, continuously strive to provide outstanding service, resulting in repeat business and positive endorsements from our existing client base. As a result, our largest source of new revenue every year is generated from our satisfied clients, which speaks to our team's unwavering commitment to excellence.

Our Mission & Vision

We stand out with our passion for complex and cross-border transactions, leveraging our expertise in diverse deal structures. Our team excels in understanding client objectives, analysing transaction details, and adapting our services promptly to meet unique business requirements, delivering exceptional value with unparalleled expertise.