Fund Services

Our platform enables you to expand your independent wealth management business without the high costs and barriers of starting from scratch. Our infrastructure and network provide access to lucrative opportunities, allowing you to concentrate on delivering comprehensive wealth management strategies and services to your clients.

Administration, accounting, and periodic NAV calculation 

As a specialist fund administration service provider, we understand the challenges our clients face in managing funds amidst evolving requirements and complex reporting duties. Our experienced teams have in-depth knowledge of various investment funds, and we offer comprehensive fund accounting and administration services. Our aim is to free our clients from back-office tasks so they can focus on portfolio management. Our services include:

Investor Services

We prioritise clear and timely communication with fund investors, ensuring a smooth and satisfactory service, and helping our clients build a reputable fund. Our investor relations team offers a full range of registrar, transfer agency, and investor relation services, which includes:

Middle-Back Office Services

Our middle office services are designed to support our clients' investment operations and include portfolio and risk management, trade processing and settlement, and compliance monitoring. With our experienced team and state-of-the-art technology, we can help our clients optimise their investment performance and manage risk more effectively. By partnering with us, our clients can free up in-house resources and focus on their primary investment objectives.

Tax Reporting Services

Amidst the surge of regulatory changes and investor demands, we acknowledge that prompt and precise reporting is crucial for all stakeholders. Thus, we fulfill our clients' reporting requirements by providing financial, regulatory, and tax reporting services.